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hello. my name's kate, & i love grapes :] i'm your average girl. i love music, films & all that jazz. my favourite things in the world - mcfly, jamie bell & grapes. my friends really are the best in the world & i couldn't ask for a better bunch. i have the most amazing boyfriend. he gives me butterflies. i love him more than anything. eternal sunshine & billy elliot are the films i live for. two pints - possibly the funniest thing on the planet. my ambition in life is to be a photographer & travel the world doing freelancing & i'm gonna do it - just watch me. when i get the chance i love to go to gigs, do my photography and watch the warriors play. i love my guitar but it wouldn't be the first thing i picked up if the house was on fire. that would be my goldfish: joel. he's purdy. my heroes consist of paul mccartney, roger daltrey and pete doherty. oh, &... teenage mutant ninja turtles will rule the world.

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Friends Only, Mate... [July 30, 2010 @ 2:54pm]

... Please comment before adding

PLEASE comment before you add so that I know you've added me to your list.  Then I'll know to add you to mine and you will be able to roam free through my kinda-boring-but-ever-so-pretty journal.  If I don't know you've added me then you will still see my journal as 'private'.  Please comment.

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